Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happenings Number 2

Okay, I am officially ashamed of my lack of attention to my blog! I'm becoming like some people I know who only post once a month!!!! ;) You know who you are!!!

Well, to begin with announcments:

1. I am having my birthday next week! YAY!!!

2. I am leaving for Florida next week with my dearest Lisi!!!!!! YAY!

3. I am writing a novel!!! That is probably the main reason why I haven't been posting as much. Every avaiable second I have on the laptop is consumed in writing my novel. Thankfully, I enjoy it and it is a lot of fun! When I start finishing chapters, I'll post them so you can read and critique!!!

4. I haven't even started making my Robe de l'angliese. A fact of which I am terribly ashamed. :( But I have recieved my silk from Sam, and it as absolutely lovely!!!!!

5. Last, but not least, I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!!!!! You heard me! God is blessing Josh and Lori with a precious bundle of joy due in March. So far, we have heard that the darling is four inches long, and has already been dubbed Waldo Kirby by the dearest's adoring parents!!! ;)

Now for upcoming projects:

1. Well, the Robe de l'angliese.

2. My silk neckerchief.

3. An embroidery floss holder. (Quite creative actually and I am very proud of it!)

Things to check out in the upcoming months:

1. More things to come on my political blog, Politically Incorrect on Purpose.

2. Another blog for my embroidery work. I will also have a way for you to contact me if you would like to have me do some for you. I will have more information on that soon.

3. Upcoming re-enactments and trips. Red River is around the bend and my second trip to Ohio this year is also coming up. November will also bring the annual Thanksgiving trip to NC.

4. And finally, pics from Florida!!!! Hope fully you will be entertained, but I can't promise anything! ;)

So, hopefully this will all hold you guys over for a few week while I catch my breath from all that is going on. Keep and eye out for what's to come!