Monday, April 4, 2011

An Apology

To the men in my life, and those who know me by name and sight:

I have an apology to make to you. I have not put you first.

I have deliberately ignored the fact that guys look at me daily, the fact that I have an impact on those around me, the fact that the way I dress can influence it all.

I'm sorry for not viewing you as a brother in Christ, and for causing you to stray or stumble.
I'm sorry for dressing in a way that is relieving, distracting, and immodest.

I have instead sought what was comfortable or looked popular in magazines. I gave no thought to how much skin was showing, what would happen if I bent over, if i was revealing something that should be saved for my husband.

And by doing so, I am at fault. I have seen you as an object to please, to receive attention from, and to show off to.

I am so, so sorry.

You are my brothers in Christ. Worthy of the respect and love that comes with consciously acting and dressing in a way that only furthers your respect for women, your sisters in Christ, and God himself. I should be doing my best to lead you on a higher path, on without shame or lust. One of purity and virtue.

So I ask you to forgive me. For any outfit, act, or word that has had negative consequences in your life.

It is my goal to only further your walk with your Maker and to enhance the spiritual beauty of other sisters in Christ, that respect might be the first thing in your mind, instead of physicality.

Today I have been convicted and I stand before you with sorrow for what I have done. But I look to the future with hope, and I pray you do too.


  1. Praising God. I needed that encouragement to make a blog post of my own.

    Thank you for the courage to come out, make the admittance and start the change. Thank you for being open to God and being willing to let Him change your heart!

    God bless you for the blessing and the wonderful woman you are and are yet to be.

    Your sister,
    ~Jane xx

  2. Well said.

    I've been re-thinking the way I dress too. It's SO easy to just wear whatever you like or think other people will like.

    Thank you for the encouraging post Janea!