Saturday, February 28, 2009

WIFD Day 7

I know, I know. I'm wearing pants. Sorry but the weather here in TN has jumped from Thursday's mild sixties to a chilling 30 and snow is in the forcast (yeah right, in TN? Hah!!). Anyways, I have no really warm skirts and we have been out all day. So, I wore my fav pair of jeans and dressed up the rest of my outfit. The jeans are Old Navy and a hand-me-down from my sister that she got at Goodwill. They are really broken in and comfy. The top is a rose sweater from Target that I got at Goodwill. I love this sweater. It isn't too tight around the middle, but nice and snug at the arms. It is really soft and I have even slept in it before! :) The jacket is cream corderoy and is from the GAP. I got it at Goodwill. I blow dryed my hair today and instead of pinning up my bangs, I brushed them in with the rest of my hair. They are getting long enough to do this. I wore a pair of pink chanderlier earings that one of my friends gave me because "she had too much jewelry". :) I also have on my cross necklace. I took this picture in my room in front of the mirror. I write on my mirror, so that's why there are words along the left side of it. It's Psalms 139: 13-14.

WIFD Day 6

WOW! I can't believe it's almost over! I hope we do this every month! Although, I will be glad to be back in jeans and not have to shave my legs everyday! :) I have come to love skirts even more than before, but for somethings, jeans are rather practical. :) Anyhoo, This picture was taken in my room at my desk (sorry for the poor lighting). Once again I have on leg warmers. These are blue knit with a triangle pattern and glitter in them. The top is another henley top. There is a story. They were all on sale, so I bought five in different colors: red, grey, white, blue, and black. :) Hey, if it fits, buy it in every color! :) This is the blue one with the grey tanktop underneath. The skirt I got at Goodwill two weeks ago. It is American Eagle and has little blue and white cherries all over it. It is simply addorable and is really soft. I was just around the house today, so I just threw my hair up in a messy bun. I have on my prayer box earings and a cross necklace.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIFD Day 4

Oops! I am so sorry! I forgot to post this one yesturday. I just copyed it form what I posted on the WIFD blog so here is what I wrote yesturday.

Well, today you can see how tall I am: as tall as our fridge. :) I'm in our kitchen. I was cutting a pineapple for dinner. Today I air dryed my hair, resulting in a slightly wavy mop. This is what my hair really looks like. The top is a long-sleeved collared shirt from American Eagle that I got at Goodwill. The skirt is the same ol' one I keep using. :) Like Allison, I wear this one a lot cause it matches a bunch of stuff. The belt I got at Walmart on clearance for a dollar. It's the same one I wore on Sunday evening. My cowboy boots are pne of my favorite pairs of shoes. I got them at a thrift store in our area for a dollar. They are Laredo which my sister tells me is a nice brand. I have my spoon ring, my prayerbox earings, and a cross necklace on. I just pinned back my bangs today. I have church tonight so I wanted to be very comfortable and still look cute. Time for dinner!

WIFD Day 5

This picture (top) was taken after a long day, so forgive me if I look a little frazzled! :)On Thursdays, some homeschool families and mine get together and have a co-op day. My mom started it all with a few other families and it has really grown. We have a dress code: the "ROCK" shirt and anything you want on the bottom as long as it's modest. In this picture I had already come home and taken my shirt off. ROCK stands for:
Raising Our Children for the Kingdom
Anyways, I have on a grey tank top and a white henley shirt (opposite of Monday!). The henley is from Walmart ($3) and the tank top is from Goodwill. The skirt is the same ol' jean one. :) The grey jacket I got from Walmart for $10 at Christmas. I love it. I even sleep in t sometimes. It's really warm and soft without being too bulky. The socks I have on are fleece and pale pink. The lady I borrowed the scrubs from on Sunday gave them to me because she thought they were too thick. I say you can never have too thick a pair of socks! Today was surprisingly warm and mild, but windy so I stayed just right in this w/out a coat, although my legs were a little chilly! I had a friend spend thenight from church (she goes to the co-op) and this morning she french braided my hair. I have on the same ol' prayerbox earings, spoonring and a cross necklace. Below is our ROCK shirt. It's just a plain old navy t-shirt. I has the verse Psalms 19:14 on the back. The picture abpve was taken in our dining room. My mom sells scripture to put on walls (very basic description) and Acts 2:46b is on the wall behind me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WIFD-Day 3

Tuesday is probably my favorite day. I have piano lessons and Bible Study, so I wanted to look cute and still be comfortable. Today my entire outfit, minus the shoes, is from Goodwill. The skirt is a white muslin from Old Navy. This is my favorite skirt because it is all "twirly" and makes me feel like a little girl again. :) The grey tank top is just Walmart brand and the blue cardigan is Target brand. The Cardigan still had the original tags on it. I got it for $3.49, and it was originally $17.99. A steal! :) The shoes (below) I got from Ross for seven bucks. I love them! They are little leather ballet flats and they fit very close. I did my hair the same as yesturday, but instead I pinned my bangs straight back rather than to the side. You can't really see them, but I have on a pair of turquoise earings that my Grandmother got at an Indian reservation out west when she was young. They are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and some of the only things I have of her now (she died when I was two). I also have on a spoon ring I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law. By the way, no it is not warmer. I had to wear a coat over everything, but I like looking cute! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

WIFD Day 2

I look a lot different when I have my hair down. I blow dryed it today just pinned my bangs over to the side. The top is a henley top from Walmart that I got for $3 after Christmas. The tank top underneath I got at Target for five. The blue jean shirt is the same from yesturday evening. On my legs at the bottom are my leg warmers. :) I love these. They really do keep your legs warm, and I need them since my parents keep the house cold all the time! Earlier I had on a hoodie too, but I took it off for the picture.The necklace is a circle that says "laughter" on it. My friend gave it to me for Christmas last year. She said that it was the best desription fo me, and it is true. I really do love to laugh. The earings are the same from last night too: small prayer boxes that don't open. :( Since I'm just around the house today, I wanted to be comfortable.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay people, This starts off the official Week In Feminine Dress. On the , this was a topic in the girls forum. A bunch of girls I met there and Allison and I are dressing femininly for an entire week. So today is day one. Here we go:

This first one is what I wore to church today. The skirt is a black knit flared skirt I got from Ross several years ago. It is nice and long and keeps my legs warm in the weird TN winter weather. On top is a white button-down collared shirt that is a hand-me-down from my younger sister. Yes, I said younger. :) The grey cardigan I got from Goodwill. I believe it is Ann Taylor Loft. The scarf I also got from Goodwill for $1.50. I told you I was a bargain shopper! I just twirled it up and wore it like a man's cravat, but I really like the finished look of it. You can't see it in this pic, but the earings I am wearing, I made myself wiht some cool white/clear spotted glass beads. I just pulled my hair up into a bun and pinned back my bangs.
This is a really weird pic, but it was all that we could do. After church, around 4:30, we have a big potluck/Bible study with about five other families. it is realy fun. But since we play games and stuff, I wanted to be a bit more comfotable. The blue jean skirt I got from Goodwill about two years ago. The belt is brown leather and beaten metal. The top is a mauv-y purple color and is a tunic shirt. I tucked it in because it looked funny untucked. I swapped my bead earings for little prayerbox ones that unfortunatly don't open. :( I wore little brown suede clip ons for my shoes. I pulled my bun out and put it in a ponytail instead.
So for today, I did well. When it got cold at our friends house (at the potluck) and everyone was playing flashlight tag outside in the dark, I asked our hostess (who is close to my size) for some pants to wear UNDER my skirt. So I wore a pair of her scrub for the rest of the evening and was quite warm! :)
Okay, so some fo you are probably thinking, "What about yourr day in prayer? When are you going to tell us about that?" Well, my Allison and I took pics, but I have to get them from her first. Until I have them, I think you can wait for the Prayer Day installment. Patience is a virtue!
Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. My camera is better but it eats batteries like crazy! So I used my parents camcorder. It works fine, but the lighting isn't the greatest. Oh well. Enjoy, and God bless!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please pray for me and my friend Allison on Saturday. This link will give you the info.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay, so Sam tagged me. Here goes:

1.What is your favorite color? Coral
2.What is your favorite place to shop? Goodwill, Target, and Walmart. I'm a bargain shopper. :)
3.What is your junk food? Cape Cod kettle cooked potatoe chips
4.What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? picnics and visiting family
5.What is your favorite dog breed? Scottish Deerhounds
6.What is your favorite flower? orchids, calla lilies, lilies, geraniums
7.What is your favorite hairstyle? When my hair was long: down and wavy. Now, up out of my face
8.What is your favorite thing to wear around the house? comfy sweater and "twirly" skirt and moca-socks
9. favorite thing to do with your family? play games or make dinner together
10.Who is your best friend? Allison and Danielle
11.What is one of your fav Bible verses? Jeremiah 1:6-8
12.What are your fav shoes? my cowboy boots, potatoe shoes, "garter" shoes, and turquiose ballet slippers

I tag Danielle, Allison, and Jessica

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More pics

Well, I dug through some sources and I finally found some pictures from Yule Fest back in December. Here you go.

This is Me with a group of my re-enacting friends down at Mansker's. From left to right:

Jordan, Rebecca, Sarah, Sammantha, Jessica, Josh, Mrs. Joy, Me, Janessa, and Natalie. My dress was caught up on something and so it looks funny here. ;)

This is the Bowen house, which is right next to Mansker's. They are a site together. Ms. Laura is shown here in the dining/parlor of the house. It is surprisingly well lit for just candles.

And this is me dancing with the visitors and friends. I am in the orange dress and my partner is my friend Gerald.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weird weather

Here are some pictures I took this afternoon. It was very windy and it rained sideways. Our trash can was knocked over into the street. Janessa wanted to go and play in the rain, but she got mad when she had to do her hair again. :) The funny thing is now, it is absolutely beautiful outside. This morning the news was proclaiming hail and t-storm warnings and possible tornadoes. Oh, well. It feels great now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too much to do...

Goodness! It's been a while since I posted last. The pic above is from the Father/Daughter Banquet that was held at our church last Friday night. It was wonderful and we had so much fun. It was Asian themed and we ate with chopsticks! I love being able togo on these dates with my Daddy; it makes me feel so special and pampered. I spent the entire day with my hair in sponge rollers and ended up with a mass of curls (that you can't really see in this picture; good thing too! :)). I wore a dress with white and red flowers and topped it off wiht a big black sash and black jewelry. The dress twirled a lot and I felt like princess. (In case you were wondering, Janae likes things that twirl alot)
Another thing that has happened: I have added a "twitter" gadget to the right. If I don't have post up, check the twitter. It's a way to blog with very little, such as when I'm short on time. Iv'e added a list of quotes, and trust me, it will be getting longer. I hope to be posting more regularly in a few weeks once I get my scheduel re-organized. Until then, enjoy the twittering and occansional posts. Au revior!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Steelers won the Super Bowl....again. Farkletush.