Thursday, October 15, 2009

So much for keeping on track...

Sorry guys,......again. Things keep going way too fast for me too keep up with stuff. So, some more updates.

1. My Dad had surgery this past Wednesday on his back. Two of his lower vetebrae were sqeezing around his spinal cord, cutting off the circulation to his legs. As a result, his legs were falling asleep when he stood up for a while. Luckily the surgery went wonderful and he is alreay home and on his feet. Please continue to pray that his incessions don't become infected. The incession is causing him some minor pain, but his back is feeling better already.
2. My trip to Florida with Allison's family was soooo much fun! I have pictures and as soon as I can remeber where I placed my hard drive stick, they will be on here! ;)
3. My book is going good, however I will not be posting my book on here for copyright precautions. But, I will be posting snipits.
4. We went to Red River last weekend and had an amazing time. As soon as I get some pictures from Allison, you can be sure I will update extensively.
5. My cousin is now married and both Andrew and Kendall looked wonderful! My other cousin, Nathan will be marrying his fiancee, Robin, in January.
6. Upcoming events include the annual Thanksgiving trip to NC, Yule Fest in December, and Nathan's wedding in NC.

Stay tuned for more details. ;)