Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peplum Jacket

Well, I finally got around to making my peplum jacket for Spring Encampment. After getting lucky with a gorgeous piece of fabric, I decided against making another polonaise (having too many, and chose a fitted jacket, with peplum. I love the peplum and it looks wonderful flared out over petticoats.

So far, Mumsie and I have made the mock up. Unfortunately, the pattern made the jacket terribly small in the waist and way to short for myself with a longer torso. Altering the pattern, and then combining it with another, I drew up the finished idea on butcher paper and hope to attack it tonight.

But, since it has been a while from the last time I posted, I thought I'd give you a little tid bit. Here's the mock up, and my lovely fabric! Enjoy!

I took the pics with my webcam, so I apologize for the poor quality. Also, I went ahead and wore my shift, then pinned the jacket to it so you could see how it fits. The edges are raw, since it's just a mock up, and we didn't line it like we will for the real thing. The jacket is supposed to laceacross the front over a stomacher. Here is the back. Notice the peplum in the middle and at the sides.

Here's a side view. I wanted to include a pic of the sleeves, because they are different than any I've ever done. They cup over the elbow, ensuring modesty in the 1700's. ;)

Here's a side view. Notice the slits and peplum on the sides. This gives it a smooth finish over the torso, while keeping it flared over the hips.

And lastly a front view. See how open it is in the front.

And lastly, my lovely fabric. It's a red and blue cornflower on a cream background. Some friends of ours were renovating a house, and the curtains were made of this lovely Williamsburg print, 100% cotton, and ten yards of it!!! I squealed so much! They let us have it...since they had no better use for it and were going to throw it away. Thank goodness we spotted it!

So, hope that keeps you satisfied until I can post the final product! Until then!

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