Monday, April 19, 2010

Updates galore! Part 1

So...I have quite a few things to post, but I'll go in chronological order, so bear with me. :D I'm also doing separate posts, because my computer is acting up and wont let me move pics around. Gr.

First off: Baby Jared! Here's some more pics. NOTE: I didn't bother to do my hair in any of these pics, so it looks fluffy and odd. Bear with it. ;) I'm getting it cut soon for summer.

Okay, this has to be my absolute favorite picture this year. XD Jared fell asleep on me first, and then I fell asleep too! After the long drive to NC and then a day out with friends to the movies and mall, I crashed on the couch whilst Janessa and a friend played Modern Warfare! XD
A little dark, but isn't he an angel?!!? Almost always sleeps on his side....
Departure day. His little onsie has a whale on it and says "Little Squirt" !!! How cute!


  1. awwwwww!!!!!!!!Hey I love the new look of the blog. Bout to go do mine!

  2. Awesome! Thanks! Also, check out the new pages on my sidebar!