Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To be...

A while back I was asked what kind of woman I want to be. And frankly, I've thought about it here and there, but when I actually sat down to write it, I was surprised at how much like my mother I want to be. So here's to you Mumsie, for raising a daughter that could only wish to live in your shadow.

"I've always wanted to be an "artsy" person, and considering I've already achieved that, :P I hope to have it transferred into several aspects of my life.
I want to be the kind of wife/woman who decorates her home and her life with color, joy, and a love for all things living. I like the color green, because it represents living things. It's vibrant and clean.
I want to use it all throughout my home.
But I also want to BE green. Sorry if that's cheesy, but I see no reason with using fewer chemicals and rating organically.
I want to be healthy and fit, spontaneous and playful for my husband.
I want to cook for and with him, take long walks and have tickle fights.
I want to do little things for him all day long that brighten his day.
I want to cherish, honor, and respect him.
I want to have a big family and raise my children inter fear and admonition of the Lord.
I want them to be free to be themselves.
I want them to not have to live the way I did middle school, obsessed with what people thought of me, and whether or not I was worthy.
I want to show them what an amazing gift each if them are in the sight of the Lord and their parents.
I want to bake home made bread like mom.
I want to have a bug herb garden.
I want to have picnics in the backyard for no reason.
I want to build tents with all the quilts.
I want to let my little girls go out to eat in tutus and feather boas.
I want to make mud pies with my little boys.
I want to take then to reenactments and see then run around in breeches and petticoats.
I want to be what mom is to me: my closest confidant and biggest encourager.
I want to write stories for their bedtimes and stay up late with them drinking cocoa and reading books on Christmas.
I want to have family game nights that end with entire family pillow fights.
I want to serve, my church, my community, my world. I want to be a woman that gives, gives, and gives again.
I want to instill that passion for missions into my kids, and show them how much God loves his people.
I want to have a constantly full cookie jar.
I want music to be constantly playing. Whether I'm singing at the top of my lungs (and horribly out of tune) or someone playing an instrument.
I want dirty footprints and cotton curtains, open doors and windows, and jars full of butterflies.
I want to my children to know the Lord at a young age, and to LIVE their faith from a young age, and to not have waited to let the Lord do something in their lives until they were "older".
I might homeschool, I might not. But whatever I do, I want my kids to know their faith and to be fearless and to stand up for what they believe.
I want to the mother that all my kids' friends love and hang out at my house.
I want to be crazy in love with my husband and to wake up every morning to his face.
I want to spend time with him in the morning on the back porch, watching the sunrise, drinking my tea and digging deep in His word.

I'm an idealist, and I don't want the picket fence, but I want my country cottage and a man who lives the Lord and me, and children who follow the example of their father.
I want to love, be loved, and give love."

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  1. This is beautiful! You are such a touching writer. :)