Friday, December 5, 2008


I was listening to a song the other today called "I Will Always Be True". In this song, they basically read a love letter from God. He says he will always be true to you and that you shouldn't doubt that anyways. Unlike others who may have rejected or left you behind in your life, God will never leave. In the Bible it says, "He will never leave us nor forsake us." Think about that. You will never be forsaken. Forsaken is a mediumish word with a much stronger meaning. The first part, "for-" means to give up, to refuse. The next part, "-saken" comes form the word "saccan" means to contend or strive. By saying He will not forsake you, God is proclaiming that He will not give up striving for your life. Your life is precious to Him. He will cotend against the demons of Hell for you. He will not give you up with out a fight. Some one said to me the other day that God never leaves us. He is always there. It is us who leave Him. We stray away from His will and forsake His plan for our lives. But no matter how far we go, no matter what we do, He is always there. He never left. He will always be true.
" I will always be true. I will never be leaving. I'll be here with you. Through the storms and the seasons. Through the sun and the rain. Through the joy and the pain. I will not what to do. I will always be true.
"I will always be true. Though you never should doubt it. Once again I will prove. There is no way around it. Throught the questions and tears. Every day of the year. I will know what to do. I will always be true.
"If you need a shoulder to cry on I'm here every time. And you need a hand to hold, I'll give you mine. I'll give you mine."
I will always be true. You can always believe it. And when my life is through, well, I hope you will see that, every day that I live, every breath that I breathe, Yes, it all was for you. I will always be true.
* From "I will always be true" by Third Day from their album Revalation

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