Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Pics

This is me and some friends at a site called Mansker's Station. This is the one we re-enact at the most. This is in October, early in the morning, and we have our wraps on as it was very chilly. Form left to right we are: my sister Janessa, my friend Allison (the photographer), my friend Samantha, and Me. I am not smiling very much in this picture, because Iwas trying to hide my braces. Now, though, I have given up on that since they will be off in March anyways.
This is my family, (minus my two older brothers who don't re-enact) at an event called Red River. We run a resturaunt there and the tent behind us is it. From left to right we are: Janessa, My mother, My dad, and Me.

This in the Spring of 08. From left to right it is: my friend Kelsie, Janessa, Allison, and Me. This is in the doorway of the main block house at Mansker's Station.

This is me and Allison. It was in Septmeber, and remarkably hot, so I had taken off my stockings(Shame, Shame!!). But Allison, being the modest girl she is, kept hers on. This is in a loft of one of the cabins at Mansker's Station. I think we were handing laterns down from the loft, and when we were done, just sat and talked. My mom took this picture for us.

This is Me, with my glasses on, Allison in modern clothing, and Janessa in October. This is at Red River. This pic is my favorite.
Sorry for being gone so long. I was what you could call "fasting" fromt the internet, TV, and going to movies for a week and a half. I was actually able to get a lot done that I had been wanting to during that time. I have fabric for my polonaise now. It will be a rust colored linen with a chocolate linen stomacher. The stomacher will have crewel work in the pattern I blogged about last year. Hope to have some pics of that soon!


  1. I have to say that the pic with you and "lissie" is really pretty BUT the pic with me is terrible! i lok like a boy with that scarf pulling all my hair out of my face!! heehee plz somebody tell me next time!!

  2. I agree with the sam, the other pic of us is not good. It is not sam though it is me that looks bad!