Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Changes, changes...

Some of you may have noticed the changes on my blog. Well, a lot is happening to do so.

  1. If you want to keep up with my re-enactments, go to it's own specialized page, newly made for your convenience!
  2. I am a writer, so my blog might be a little more literary minded this school year. Including my study of Shakespeare's works for my Brit Lit cred. :D
  3. The new name. Don't worry, the url is still the same. But I've come to a realization this summer. God has equipped me with a talent for words, and I intend to use it to tell stories of grace, hope, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Some times that means I have to dip into the real world for examples of sin, despair, cruelty, and deprivation. Understand that this is real writing. Not some fairy tale. Not a lovey-dovey story that makes you feel good and your innards warm. As a friend of mine once said, "I want to be God's frying pan and go around whacking heads. People have got to wake up." Wake up indeed.
  4. Pictures.....ah yes. Those lovely things. Weeel, the laptop crashed, so posting pictures is difficult now and editing them is near impossible. I'm working on that. ;) Re-enactments are hard to come by in the summer (when it's 99 degrees for a week straight). But trips aren't! :D And I have plenty of those coming.
  5. Sewing Projects!!!! I have yet to update that page (or develop it for that matter. ;) ) I have several projects done, and finished, that I would love to post and talk about! Check out that page soon for some awesome stitching!
To keep you all up to date, here's a look at what this year is bringing:

  • NC trip (#3 of this year) and trip to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.
  • Several re-enactments. Including the Fall Encampment, Red River, Yule Fest, Daniel Smith Days, and possibly Fort Loudon, which I am especially excited about.
  • The usual Thanksgiving Trip to NC.
  • A "talked of" Christmas trip to....Texas? O_o
And in addition to:

  • School!
  • Novel deadline (August 15th at midnight)
  • New novel!
  • Graduation! O_O There's a shocker for ya. ;)
Some updates on my life:

  1. The Kansas trip went great and I had a blast! Learned so much from the people there and can't wait to go back next year.
  2. Contacts?
  3. A new impersonation for re-enacting. Drumroll please!!! : It's a young widow. Hoohoo! There's gonna be some fun with that. :D
  4. This is a little more serious. I have felt God leading me into the mission field after (and during) college. For quite a while he has placed the people of Europe on my heart, where religion there is a culture, not a relationship with God Almighty. Please pray for me as I find out what God has planned for my life and prepare for His calling.
So, anyways. Lotsa going on. And more to come. ;) (Don't worry, patience isn't a virtue I possess either. XD )

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