Saturday, June 13, 2009

Okay, here we go....

I'm back!
Yay!!!! Okay, so here is the first installment.
My dad decided to take me and Janessa camping a Fall Creek Falls for three days. We drove in his Jeep Wrangler. Here are some pics. I'll tell about it as they come.
Part 1: The Camping Trip

This is Fall Creek Falls itself. I took this pic from a look out above. After this, we took the trail (which was more like a climb) down to the base.

Along the way, we say come pretty cool trees. Often they were growing right out of the rocks, like this one.

This was awesome! The rocks caved in a formed a half-dome around us. The sedimentary rock there was incredible. All the different layers to view, and to know that they were all layed down by the flood; it was just mind blowing.

This is Janessa and I at the bottom of the falls (and one of the few pics with me in it, I'm afraid. Dad was lucky to figure my camera out enough just to take this one!). Yes, Janessa is slouching. I'm not. That is my normal height. :)

And finally, Janessa, being herself as God created her to be. ;) If you have seen Night at the Museum II, you know what we mean by this pose. :)

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  1. FIYA POWA (in a high piched voice)(maybe you have a better way of spelling that???) Ha ha! I love it!