Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part V cont.

Okay, so on our way back from Ohio, we stopped in Lexington, KY to go to the Lexington Horse Park.

They had these monstrous chairs made from old cross country jumps and we had to get a picture......or more.

Daddy and Mumsie

Janessa and Me acting grumpy...well just me acting.

Us two posed all nicely.

Definately a Christmas letter pic.

Oh, come on. They are too real! Have a little imagination!!

Janessa riding a barrell.

One of the horses shown to us. I can't remember is name because they all looked alike. I just like these two best.
This was a "Horses of the World" show.
Some of the riders practicing their show jumping.

Even more to come

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  1. YAY HORSES!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I am just a little excited...Awesome post Janae!