Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part V: OHIO

When I hear the word "Ohio" I think of that patriotic song they make you learn the states to in elementary school where they go..." Ohhh-Hyyyy-Yo!".

Anywho, sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long. Been really busy. But today I have a triple installment because a lot has happened since June 15th. (That was appearently the last day I posted in case you were wondering, which you weren't. So I should shut up now.)

For you lovely education (of nothing inparticular) I will provide you with some marvelous pictures of my time in Ohio. Meet my wonderlous (yes, I ended that with "-lous") family.

Here are two of my adorable cousins (the one on the left is taken, sorry). Andrew (left) is the second oldest and Stephen (right) is the baby. He graduated from highschool this year. (That's why we went to Ohio)
Here they are with their parents: (l to r) Andrew, Aunt Marilyn, Stephen, Uncle Martin. Uncle Martin is my mother's older brother.
Here they are again: (l to r) Uncle Martin, Stephen, Mumsie, and Aunt Charlotte, Mumsie's sister.
And here we are. SHOCKER!!!!! Janae got her hair cut!!! Yes, if you haven't already seen me, I got my hair cut in Ohio. It's a cute little bob and it feels great. Now back to the pic. Me, Stephen, and Janessa.

And this pic, I just couldn't resist!!!!! This is Lizz, Andrew and Stephen's sister (she's in between them in age) She is a hairdresser and is the one who cut my hair there. This is at a Relay for Life event we went to and that Lizz participated in. Our grandmother died from cancer. Her shirt says "Running With Scissors" since she ran with a bunch of hair dressers. We had just eaten a frozen custard/slushi thing and our tongues were, obviously, blue. Lizz is awesome!!!!

More to come.

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  1. I thought Stephen was taken...Jk(inside joke sorry) Your cuz is so cute...Liz I mean. Lol!