Monday, June 15, 2009

Part IV: The Creation Science Museum

Okay, this place was absolutly amazing!!! If you have never been, you have to go! We went the week after the camping trip on our way to Ohio. Here are some pics.

This is Daddy and Janessa at the Garden of Eden part. (Adam and Eve are in the background.)
Here is the exhibit of the Ark. This was pretty cool! The men are supposed to be building the ark but their voice over hears them complaining about the work and saying that it's never gonna rain. :)

Here are some of the most important figures in the Old Testament: Abraham, Moses, and King David.
Dear Reader,
We are terribly sorry to say that soona fter this picture was taken, my dear sister, Janessa, was unfortunately, consumed by the terrible beast shown in the above picture. We feel this lose deeply as we ourselves only barely escaped with our lives. Funeral Services will be held some time in the near future and donations can be made in place of flowers, at the Foundation for Better Safety Against Pre-historic Animals or the F.B.S.A.P.A.


  1. Oh NO! Poor kid! She will be missed.

  2. BTW would I be making the donation to the FBSAPA fund or would it just HAPPEN to be in your name? lol

  3. Actually, I am have recently been nominated president of said fund. :)

  4. Wow, you guys are messed up lol! I really should post pics of when we went...I think I shall!

  5. I thought you did....? I remember seeing pics of you and your cousins right? cause that was the first time i saw your hair cut short...i think...

  6. I know I posted one picture but I thought that was all...Maybe you were on Amy K's (my cousin) blog?