Thursday, March 19, 2009

To do...

Enjoy the new Spring layout and song. Several things are going to be happening over the next few weeks so look for updates.

Most importantly, next weekend is the Spring Encampment at Mansker's Station and I hope to be able to get pictures. I will be redoing my polonaise (the orange one) instead of making a whole new one (time constraints). Look for pictures.

Next, Spring break is just around the corner and I have nothing to do. Please, send suggestions. :) Also, with Spring Break comes Easter!!!! I'll have info with that.

I hope to post more about the Prayer Day, maybe even a video if I can find time to let it load on here.

Next week I am doing another WIFD. So look for some more cute outfits from a bargain shopper. This time, It is not required to wear dresses and skirts, just feminine modest outfits. Meaning, I may wear some shorts and pants, but they will be modest and feminine. Which is what really counts afterall.

Since Spring Encampment falls on the same weekend of WIFD, some of my outfits will be in petticoats and short gowns and polonaise. Get over it. It's modest and would have been very nice clothing for 1783! :)

Anyways, enjoy the new layout and song and look forward to what is to come!

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  1. I thought you where going out of town for spring break...and I thought you where supposed to take me with you(jk). Anywho you could always come hang out with me! I know we could go to Mansker's a bunch!