Monday, March 2, 2009

Prayer Day Part 1

Okay, You are going to have to bear with me. Because of the amount of photos, I will be dividing this up into parts, so stay tuned for sequels.

Two Saturdays ago, Allison and I spent a day in prayer and reflection. We sought after God's will for our lives, prayed for our parents, friends, country, president, future husbands, schools, siblings, each other, a camp I am thinking about going on, other countries around the world with Christians under persecution, and that our blogs would be effective tools of the Lord's to reach His people. In so saying, we payed for everything.

We started out praying silently standing up, holding each other's hands. During this time, I prayed for Allison. As for Allison, well, you'll have to ask her. :) Then, taking turns we prayed out loud about the aforementioned stuff. So many times when Allison was taking her turn, I would become impatient; I wanted it to be my turn again. This may sound funny, but anyone who knows me personally can testify that I don't exactly like praying outloud. But as we began praying, I had this wondrous feeling that I can't describe, but all I wanted to do was pray more and more and more! The words just started flowing from my lips as I told my Creator about the trials and diffulculties in my life. I stopped "praying" and, for the first time in my life, started having a real and meaningful conversation with my Abba.

Before we set out, Allison's mom snapped this picture of us. We were loaded down with balnkets and cocoa. It's was supposed to rain and ws very windy, but more on that in the next installment. Me making a list of things to pray for, so I don't forget.

This is where we were at. It is on a hill at Allison's house way out in the country. We chose this spot because you couldn't really see any houses or other distractions from there.

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