Sunday, March 29, 2009

WIFD Day 5-7

Yay!!! Finally back with technology. To those who guess, yes I was at a re-enactment! Good answers!!! I didn't have a bucket load of pics like I promised, but I might get more on my blog when people start sending me pics they took. Anyways here is one that my sister took of me in the cabin we stayed at this weekend. No one was looking so we snapped this one real quick.
To inform you, I will explain everything I have on from top to bottom. To begin with, I have my hair in afrench braid and the ends done in a bun. I wore my good cotton cap on top. Underneath everything I wear a white cotton shift, kinda like a nightgown and my natural colored linen petticoat on the bottom. The short gown (my top, sort of like a jacket) is pale blue cotton/linen mix and is pinned at the right shoulder. I am wearing a white cotton pin-up apron with the corner tucked in. The red thing around my shoulders is called a modesty scarf and is a cotton gauze dyed in a reddish wine color. The necklace is a red silk ribbon with the key to my trunk on the end. I have a knife tyed to my waist. (everyone on the frontier in 1783 carried a knife.) I have pearl dangly earings on. Althought you can't see them, I have on purple and grey stripped socks and elk leather moccosins my dad made. I made my entire costume and wore this the entire weekend. I love going to re-enactments and taking on an entire new persona. I portray a wealthy young widow who came out west looking for land. (that's why I have jewelry, a rareity) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little surprise!

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  1. I like it :) I love watching your WIFD - I keep saying I'm going to do it but I just never get around to it!