Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on grandfather

Well, new info has come. My mom is flew down to Florida this morning at six, and will be staying there until next Saturday or later depending on how things go. Here is a medical view on what has happened:
Two arties in his neck are clogged with a build up of some sort. When this build up starts to chip off, and get into his bloodstream, it can cause massive strokes and death. Well, some of it chipped off, but it was a minor stroke. One arterie, though, is 90% blocked. You can imagine the potential of this. The other one is 70% blocked. Each arterie goes to a different side of the brain. The doctors need to open up his arterie and clean out the build up. They can only do one arterie at a time, because if you cut off both arteries, you basically become brain dead. The doctors hope to clean out the first arterie (90% one) on Thursday and the other one (70%) next Tuesday. Hopefully, no more build up will chip off before or during surgery. This is the important worry.
Please send your prayers.

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