Saturday, February 28, 2009

WIFD Day 7

I know, I know. I'm wearing pants. Sorry but the weather here in TN has jumped from Thursday's mild sixties to a chilling 30 and snow is in the forcast (yeah right, in TN? Hah!!). Anyways, I have no really warm skirts and we have been out all day. So, I wore my fav pair of jeans and dressed up the rest of my outfit. The jeans are Old Navy and a hand-me-down from my sister that she got at Goodwill. They are really broken in and comfy. The top is a rose sweater from Target that I got at Goodwill. I love this sweater. It isn't too tight around the middle, but nice and snug at the arms. It is really soft and I have even slept in it before! :) The jacket is cream corderoy and is from the GAP. I got it at Goodwill. I blow dryed my hair today and instead of pinning up my bangs, I brushed them in with the rest of my hair. They are getting long enough to do this. I wore a pair of pink chanderlier earings that one of my friends gave me because "she had too much jewelry". :) I also have on my cross necklace. I took this picture in my room in front of the mirror. I write on my mirror, so that's why there are words along the left side of it. It's Psalms 139: 13-14.

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