Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIFD Day 4

Oops! I am so sorry! I forgot to post this one yesturday. I just copyed it form what I posted on the WIFD blog so here is what I wrote yesturday.

Well, today you can see how tall I am: as tall as our fridge. :) I'm in our kitchen. I was cutting a pineapple for dinner. Today I air dryed my hair, resulting in a slightly wavy mop. This is what my hair really looks like. The top is a long-sleeved collared shirt from American Eagle that I got at Goodwill. The skirt is the same ol' one I keep using. :) Like Allison, I wear this one a lot cause it matches a bunch of stuff. The belt I got at Walmart on clearance for a dollar. It's the same one I wore on Sunday evening. My cowboy boots are pne of my favorite pairs of shoes. I got them at a thrift store in our area for a dollar. They are Laredo which my sister tells me is a nice brand. I have my spoon ring, my prayerbox earings, and a cross necklace on. I just pinned back my bangs today. I have church tonight so I wanted to be very comfortable and still look cute. Time for dinner!

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  1. What about Friday???? I dont see Friday??? I feel like a day has gone by and I know nothing about it!!!!

    Oh, wait...that IS what happened! ;)
    -Lori Leeke