Monday, February 23, 2009

WIFD Day 2

I look a lot different when I have my hair down. I blow dryed it today just pinned my bangs over to the side. The top is a henley top from Walmart that I got for $3 after Christmas. The tank top underneath I got at Target for five. The blue jean shirt is the same from yesturday evening. On my legs at the bottom are my leg warmers. :) I love these. They really do keep your legs warm, and I need them since my parents keep the house cold all the time! Earlier I had on a hoodie too, but I took it off for the picture.The necklace is a circle that says "laughter" on it. My friend gave it to me for Christmas last year. She said that it was the best desription fo me, and it is true. I really do love to laugh. The earings are the same from last night too: small prayer boxes that don't open. :( Since I'm just around the house today, I wanted to be comfortable.

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