Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIFD Day 5

This picture (top) was taken after a long day, so forgive me if I look a little frazzled! :)On Thursdays, some homeschool families and mine get together and have a co-op day. My mom started it all with a few other families and it has really grown. We have a dress code: the "ROCK" shirt and anything you want on the bottom as long as it's modest. In this picture I had already come home and taken my shirt off. ROCK stands for:
Raising Our Children for the Kingdom
Anyways, I have on a grey tank top and a white henley shirt (opposite of Monday!). The henley is from Walmart ($3) and the tank top is from Goodwill. The skirt is the same ol' jean one. :) The grey jacket I got from Walmart for $10 at Christmas. I love it. I even sleep in t sometimes. It's really warm and soft without being too bulky. The socks I have on are fleece and pale pink. The lady I borrowed the scrubs from on Sunday gave them to me because she thought they were too thick. I say you can never have too thick a pair of socks! Today was surprisingly warm and mild, but windy so I stayed just right in this w/out a coat, although my legs were a little chilly! I had a friend spend thenight from church (she goes to the co-op) and this morning she french braided my hair. I have on the same ol' prayerbox earings, spoonring and a cross necklace. Below is our ROCK shirt. It's just a plain old navy t-shirt. I has the verse Psalms 19:14 on the back. The picture abpve was taken in our dining room. My mom sells scripture to put on walls (very basic description) and Acts 2:46b is on the wall behind me.

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