Thursday, February 12, 2009

More pics

Well, I dug through some sources and I finally found some pictures from Yule Fest back in December. Here you go.

This is Me with a group of my re-enacting friends down at Mansker's. From left to right:

Jordan, Rebecca, Sarah, Sammantha, Jessica, Josh, Mrs. Joy, Me, Janessa, and Natalie. My dress was caught up on something and so it looks funny here. ;)

This is the Bowen house, which is right next to Mansker's. They are a site together. Ms. Laura is shown here in the dining/parlor of the house. It is surprisingly well lit for just candles.

And this is me dancing with the visitors and friends. I am in the orange dress and my partner is my friend Gerald.


  1. hey those are awesome! where did you get them? the one of all of us is the one they had in the newspaper....

  2. I think I know those folks :) I've never seen that picture of all of us! Great pictures :)

  3. they were on the goodletsville website under parks department, mansker's station, event, yulefest, pics from 2008. there was a bunch more, but i liked these the best.