Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay people, This starts off the official Week In Feminine Dress. On the , this was a topic in the girls forum. A bunch of girls I met there and Allison and I are dressing femininly for an entire week. So today is day one. Here we go:

This first one is what I wore to church today. The skirt is a black knit flared skirt I got from Ross several years ago. It is nice and long and keeps my legs warm in the weird TN winter weather. On top is a white button-down collared shirt that is a hand-me-down from my younger sister. Yes, I said younger. :) The grey cardigan I got from Goodwill. I believe it is Ann Taylor Loft. The scarf I also got from Goodwill for $1.50. I told you I was a bargain shopper! I just twirled it up and wore it like a man's cravat, but I really like the finished look of it. You can't see it in this pic, but the earings I am wearing, I made myself wiht some cool white/clear spotted glass beads. I just pulled my hair up into a bun and pinned back my bangs.
This is a really weird pic, but it was all that we could do. After church, around 4:30, we have a big potluck/Bible study with about five other families. it is realy fun. But since we play games and stuff, I wanted to be a bit more comfotable. The blue jean skirt I got from Goodwill about two years ago. The belt is brown leather and beaten metal. The top is a mauv-y purple color and is a tunic shirt. I tucked it in because it looked funny untucked. I swapped my bead earings for little prayerbox ones that unfortunatly don't open. :( I wore little brown suede clip ons for my shoes. I pulled my bun out and put it in a ponytail instead.
So for today, I did well. When it got cold at our friends house (at the potluck) and everyone was playing flashlight tag outside in the dark, I asked our hostess (who is close to my size) for some pants to wear UNDER my skirt. So I wore a pair of her scrub for the rest of the evening and was quite warm! :)
Okay, so some fo you are probably thinking, "What about yourr day in prayer? When are you going to tell us about that?" Well, my Allison and I took pics, but I have to get them from her first. Until I have them, I think you can wait for the Prayer Day installment. Patience is a virtue!
Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. My camera is better but it eats batteries like crazy! So I used my parents camcorder. It works fine, but the lighting isn't the greatest. Oh well. Enjoy, and God bless!

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